Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum USMLE STEP I or STEP II score required for application?

We conduct a holistic review process in which we consider all aspects of the candidate’s application. As part of this process, we do not require a minimum USMLE Step score.

However, since performance on standardized tests are an important component of becoming a successful Radiologist, we prioritize candidates who have passed USMLE STEP I and STEP II (CS and CK) on their first attempt. 

What is call like? How do you prepare residents to take call?

Monday through Friday call coverage consists of a nightly short call evening shift and separate weekly overnight night float.

Residents in their second, third, and fourth years participate in the call pool. Night Float begins at 10 p.m. and concludes at 8 m, and residents on-call are free from daytime responsibilities during night float weeks.

Residents average approximately 11 weeks total of night float over the course of residency. 

Short call is assigned on a rotating nightly basis. The resident assigned to short call reports to their normal clinical rotation at noon, and then provides call coverage from 5-10 p.m.

Weekend call coverage consists of four 12-hour blocks, assigned on a rotating basis.

There are no independent call responsibilities during the first year of residency training. First year residents receive extensive training in order to prepare for independent call the following year through introductory didactic lectures.

What is the cut off point for year of graduation from medical school?

We encourage all qualified applicants to apply, regardless of year of graduation from medical school.

We have had numerous residents that have excelled coming from other specialties. However, large gaps in your medical training are problematic.

Do you accept applications from foreign medical graduates.

We accept applications from all qualified US and International graduates.

What visas do you support?

We sponsor both J1 and H1B visas.

What is it like to live in Cleveland?

Cleveland is a great city to live in, with big city amenities, low cost of living, and easy commutes. There are plenty of restaurants, parks, museums, festivals, and things to do around the city whether you are single or will be arriving with a family.

Cleveland is especially beautiful in the summer. For more information, see Living in Cleveland.