Welcome from the DIO

Dear Future MetroHealth Housestaff Student,

The MetroHealth System has been caring for the diverse population of Cleveland and surrounding communities for almost 180 years. What began as a city hospital with 200 doses of cholera vaccine has evolved into a major care center in Northeast Ohio, providing the best care for the most vulnerable in our community. We currently host 47 training programs, and nearly 380 trainees, and have been affiliated with Case Western Reserve University's School of Medicine for more than a century. 

What makes us stand apart as one of the best training centers for residency and fellowship? 

The basic requirements to evolve from a medical student to an independent practitioner must include a diverse patient population, hands-on experience in an environment of quality care, an opportunity to develop your talents, and sincere mentoring from a dedicated faculty. 

The MetroHealth System serves a patient population that is both culturally and socio-economically diverse. Our trainees are an integral part of management teams, at the forefront of patient care, facing a variety of medical and social issues. They regularly encounter medical surprises, and experience the thrill of making the first diagnosis on a daily basis. 

Regardless of your goals, whether to be a primary care physician in the community or a cutting-edge researcher in a subspecialty, or even a teacher yourself, you will develop a strong foundation for a variety of careers that suit your needs. 

Our training programs are run by program directors, faculty, and staff whose dedication to MetroHealth is evident in their longevity of service. You will experience a learner-friendly environment, where we serve with compassion and humanism. The inner-city population in an academic setting presents a rich learning experience. 

We connect with our patients and their problems, rather than just writing a prescription. Our multidisciplinary approach nurtures connections, and the Institute of Quality provides oversight to ensure the best patient outcomes. The result is an unparalleled academic environment. 

We welcome applicants with the talent and aspiration to excel beyond being an average physician. Our programs focus on diversity, and provide an educational environment beyond just the practice of medicine, such as quality improvement, patient experience, informatics, education, leadership, and advocacy. Cleveland as a city has a lot to offer young trainees, including experiencing the four seasons, and all the multicultural attractions nestled in a safe and economic environment. 

As the Designated Institutional Official (DIO) and Chair for Graduate Medical Education, I welcome you to this institution with a rich tradition and invite you to become one of its ongoing success. 

Abdulla K. Ghori, MD

Abdulla Ghori, M.D, FAAP
Designated Institutional Official
Professor Pediatrics, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Vice Chair, Pediatrics
Division Chief, Ambulatory Pediatrics
Chair, Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC)