Women in Radiology

The Women in Radiology group at MetroHealth Medical Center is a collaborative initiative with University Hospitals Department of Radiology and Case Western Reserve University. We recognize that persistent gender disparities exist within radiology and strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment for women in our program.

Our goals are to mentor, sponsor, and provide a professional network for female trainees and faculty within radiology.

In collaboration with UH, we have participated in Women in Radiology socials, book clubs, and grand rounds focused on wellness, work-life balance, and mentorship. We have sponsored residents in our program to attend the national Women in Medicine Summit, with the goal to empower female physicians with resources and network to excel and become leaders in the field.

We continue to build the foundation of the Women in Radiology group at MetroHealth and aim to increase representation of female radiologists within our program and the field at large.