Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I apply to your program?
A: We accept applications through ERAS program. We do not offer any positions outside of the NRMP match.

Q: Are there moonlighting opportunities available?
A: No, our program does not allow moonlighting.

Q: What is the salary?
A: This depends on your post-graduate year. Please see Salary and Benefits.

Q: What is the cut off point for year of graduation from medical school?
A: We encourage qualified applicants to apply, regardless of year from graduation of medical school. However, large gaps in your medical training can be problematic and preference will be given to those who have participated in research during time away from medical school.

Q: What kind of step scores do I need in order to apply?
A: We look at the entire application and do not have a strict score cut-off. However, dermatology residency is challenging and demanding. As a result, we favor applicants with a history of strong academic performance and prioritize scores above 220.

Q: What if I a failed a USMLE step exam?
A: As this represents a minority of applicants, we do not prioritize reviewing applicants that have failed any portion of the USMLE exams.

Q: Do you accept applications from foreign medical graduates?
A: Yes, we accept applications from all qualified US and International graduates.

Q: Do you accept applications without USMLE exam scores?
A: No, our program requires USMLE for consideration.

Q: What visas do you support?
A: We sponsor both J1 and H1B visas.

Q: Do you offer both categorical and advanced positions?
A: No, we offer advanced positions only. The number of advanced positions varies between 2-3 positions per year.

Q: What EMR do you use?
A: We use EPIC for all our medical records.

Q: What is it like to live in Cleveland?
A: Cleveland is a great city to live in with many affordable housing options, whether you want to live in a thriving metropolitan area downtown or find a quiet house just outside of the city. Cleveland has it all, including many restaurants, parks, museums, festivals, theater, and professional sports teams. Go Browns! For more information, see Living in Cleveland.

Additional Questions?

For more information, please email us.