The Department of Psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University MetroHealth program fosters an interest in scholarly activity. And aims to develop research skills and widen knowledge base, in addition to meeting the goals of general psychiatry training.

The program’s expectation is that each resident will present one grand round, in addition to produce at least one scholarly activity, which could be in the form of poster, book chapter, oral presentation or published paper, by the time of graduation. These presentations occur at local (MetroHealth’s Annual Research symposium), regional (local and state psychiatric associations), and national (APA, AACAP, AAGP, APS) level. Residents have presented their work at all of these levels in recent years.

The program assists in providing faculty mentorship to all residents. The program also encourages scholarly activity by providing fixed yearly Conference funds, funding for poster production cost, and additional time for conference and meeting attendance.

Additionally, the program appoints Quality and Wellbeing Chief. The role of this Chief position, in addition to wellbeing activities, is to ensure at least one quality improvement project that produces better patient care and more efficient operations within the program. This project is required to have participation of all residents. 

Related Information

Resident Scholarly Activity that occurred during the previous academic year.

Research Presentations

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The Metrohealth Psychiatry program has dedicated residents and faculty, who help arrange wellness events. The reasons we take wellness so seriously are:

  1. We understand residency can be a challenging period and residents and physicians can be at high risk of burnout.
  2. We support resident’s physical, mental and emotional health.
  3. We believe in our residents developing good habits for their future endeavors.

Social Activities

Every year two residents get assigned to be social coordinators. The residents organize monthly activities such as kayaking, picnics, happy hours, brunch parties and many more.

Due to situation of COVID, virtual parties and Jackbox parties were organized with residents and faculty and not surprisingly the faculty won the games!

We are looking forward to more social hangouts this year.

Resident Retreat

At the end of each residency year, we have a residency retreat. It is an entire dedicated day with an educational value, building camaraderie and relaxing. It is here that the residents provide feedback regarding faculty and evaluation of the various psychiatric services conducted by our PGY4 wellness chiefs. This year retreat ended with club seats for our residents at the Cleveland Guardians game!

Faculty Retreat and Events

Holiday parties are hosted by our faculty at their houses. Every party includes dinner and dancing.

Process groups

Dr. Ratner has conducted process groups for our residents during dedicated didactics time.

Wellness didactics

During didactics we make sure to celebrate resident birthdays. Our didactics also offer luncheons and snacks every week.

Peer Mentoring

The first year and second year residents do get a senior resident that mentors them during the initial months of their rotation to acclimatize to the new setting.

Faculty mentors

Each resident has the choice of choosing or being assigned a faculty as their mentor throughout the year.

HOA Membership Events

We do have general membership open to all residents of Metrohealth by the graduate medical education. The GME has organized various events such as axe throwing, raffle draws, Halloween parties, topgolf, Apple picking.

PGY1 Welcome Event

We introduce our first year residents to the hospital by a scavenger hunt. Our program director also hosts a welcome party with the residents, faculty and staff.

Social Media

We are proud to have started Instagram this season and keep posting regularly.

Physical Wellness

Our 7th floor has the Metrohealth gym for the residents accessible if one needs to take a break from work.

We have a park right outside our main campus hospital that one can walk during lunch hours.

Psychiatry residents group photo 2021

Psychiatry residents playing golf