Mission and Aims

The Mission of the MetroHealth Anesthesiology Residency Program:

To prepare the next generation of service, research and innovation minded anesthesiologists with the leadership skills to respond effectively to challenging clinical scenarios presented in an urban level I trauma center and beyond.

Residency Aims:

  1. Train residents in a variety of subspecialties of anesthesia in a dynamic environment that continuously develops and reinforces skills
  2. Prepare residents to face clinical situations uniquely encountered in an urban public hospital, caring for medically challenging patients 
  3. Maintain a high level of care in our quest to eliminate health care disparities
  4. Provide strong education in trauma care with the ability to respond quickly to evolving clinical scenarios and resuscitate patients with life-threatening injuries.
  5. Provide residents the opportunity to function as a junior attending by developing and executing anesthetic plans under the guidance of the attending on call.
  6. Be responsive to our residents’ feedback and evolve in our education and training needs as the practice of anesthesia changes
  7. Aspire to be a leader in patient safety and research in the field of anesthesiology
  8. Work as a team to support each other in our pursuit of excellence