Internship Positions

Categorical Positions

We have three ACGME-approved internship positions that are part of our anesthesiology residency training program. The internship offers rotations in:

  • Inpatient internal medicine (4 months)
  • Cardiology telemetry service
  • Pulmonary consultation service
  • Emergency medicine
  • Chronic pain
  • Surgical ICU (2 months)
  • Neonatal ICU
  • Anesthesiology

Preliminary Internal Medicine Positions

We have one linked internship position with the Department of Internal Medicine at MetroHealth Medical Center. This position is only open to applicants who match to the anesthesiology program.

The applicant must apply to both the anesthesiology residency and the preliminary internal medicine program. For the linkage to occur, once the applicant submits his or her rank order list and matches with anesthesiology, the algorithm will look at the applicant’s supplemental rank order list and look for the internal medicine preliminary program.

A match with internal medicine will occur if the applicant has the internal medicine program on his or her list and the internal medicine program has that applicant on its list.

The rotations for this internship are the same as for the preliminary internal medicine with the exception that our anesthesiology residents do one month of emergency medicine, at least one month of critical care medicine, and typically one month of anesthesiology. Get more information on the preliminary internal medicine program.

Internship Completed Outside of Our Institution

Our residency program offers four advanced anesthesiology positions each year. These applicants have the flexibility to complete internship training at an ACGME-accredited internship program and then move on to our program to complete three years of anesthesiology.

Applicants should apply separately to an internship in medicine, surgery, or transitional year. If an applicant has previously completed an internship or is currently in an internship, he or she may also apply to our residency.

Per ACGME, anesthesiology interns must complete one month of emergency medicine and one month of critical care. If these have not been completed, arrangements may possibly be made to complete those prior to starting anesthesiology.