Our fellowship is a one year program that covers the spectrum of emergency ultrasound. Our curriculum is designed to meet the EUFAC standards for emergency ultrasound fellowships and provide our fellows with a solid foundation in bedside ultrasound. Throughout the year, fellows will be exposed to opportunities to teaching, administrative and quality assurance skills. 


Block  Topic Content
 1   Orientation 
Review Basics and Credential, Program, machine and administrative orientation, CITI Modules, Select research project 
 2  Procedural  Regional Anesthesia – with Anesthesia Residents/Staff, peripheral and central lines, Arthrocentesis, Para/Thora/Pericardiocentesis 

Intro to ocular and MSK  
 3  Basic Resuscitation 
EFAST, Hypotension, Cardiac Arrest, Resuscitation protocols 
 4  Abdomen I  Aorta, Hepatobiliary 
 5  Abdomen II Bowel, Spleen, Pancreas, Peds  
 6 OB/Gyn 
TA/TV First Tri, Second Tri, Normal/abnormal fetal findings, Ovarian pathology  
 7   Advanced Cardiac 

LV/RV function, Measurements, Valves, Volume Status, Effusions, TEE 
 8   Cardiac (cont.) and Pulmonary  
Consolidations, effusions, alveolar/ interstitial syndrome. scanning protocols  
 9  Vascular  
DVT (acute and chronic), incidentals, AV Fistula, Pseudoaneurysm 

 10  Renal/Testicular
Hydro, stones, pyonephrosis, anatomical variants, cysts, masses 

Anatomy, torsion, hydroceles, masses 
 11  MSK  
Bones, Joints, Tendons, Specific exams 
 12  Ocular and ST  
Vitreoretinal Disorders, ONSD, Retrobulbar Pathology  

Abscess, Masses, Lymph nodes, Cysts, etc.
 13  Wrap up