Neonatal-Perinatal Fellowship Conferences

All conferences are webcasted except Simulation

Weekly Conferences

Neonatal Physiology and Pathology

This is a weekly conference from September through May and is organized around organ-system blocks (i.e., Respiratory, GI-Metabolism, Neurology, Placenta, Bioethics etc.). It is designed to review the relevant physiology and pathophysiology of that organ system in the pregnant woman, fetus, and newborn. Lectures are given by faculty with special expertise in the area or invited outside lecturers. These lectures are targeted at the fellow level. The fellow representatives on the Education Committee participate in the selection of the topics and speakers. When possible, fellows additionally participate in a special Journal Club with out-of-town speakers. Fellow attendance is mandatory.

Neonatology Board-review
A faculty member is assigned to design the board-review lecture/discussion series based on the American Board of Pediatrics content specifications for Neonatal Perinatal Medicine. The board review lectures/discussions are held every one-two weeks, moderated by neonatology faculty members, between the months of September to May. Over the course of the training period, each fellow will have an opportunity to review the entire content a minimum one time. Fellow attendance is mandatory. 

MFM/-OB/Neonatology Conference

This is a bi-weekly conference from September through June focusing on cases of interest to Neonatology and Maternal Fetal Medicine. This conference is jointly organized by the two Services. Cases are assigned at joint meetings every two-three months. Cases are presented by the fellows of both Services and discussed by the fellows and faculty. Subspecialists relevant to the case are invited to the conference for expert comments. Faculty members in these areas have committed time to support these presentations. Fellow attendance is mandatory. 

NICU Case Management and Morbidity Conference

This weekly conference is held year-round and focuses on patients currently in the NICU with interesting and unusual problems, difficult management cases and unexpected morbidity. Cases are selected by the fellows on Service for presentation. Presentation is by the fellow on service. Initial discussion or background material is frequently presented by the fellow. Issues are then debated by the entire Division (all fellows and faculty). Vanderbilt Matrix is used by the team members to identify patient care and learning opportunities (IOM and ACGME core competencies). Attendance by fellows is mandatory.

NICU Debrief Meetings 

The neonatal ICU clinical team in collaboration with other interprofessional team members hold debrief meetings as needed to help support physicians, nurse practitioners, bedside nurses, and other staff members. Experts from the employee assistance program are recruited to participate in the debrief meetings. 

Design of Experiments: Statistics

A series of lectures-discussions covering nuts and bolts of biostatics. Held between August and December of each year.  

Neonatology Division Meeting

This weekly conference is held year-round on Wednesdays from 1-2:30 p.m. All administrative and management issues in the Division and NICU are reviewed. These include financial, personnel, and medical, administrative issues. Fellows are expected to take part as junior members of the Division. Fellow attendance is mandatory.

Pediatric Grand Rounds

This weekly conference (Thursdays 7:30 – 8:30 a.m.) is held year-round.  It focuses on resident education. The topics are of interest to generalists and sub-specialists.  Topics vary in terms of interest to Neonatology.

Monthly Conferences

Neonatology Journal Club

 This monthly conference is held year-round. Fellows (by rotation) discuss interesting papers from literature chosen with help from one faculty member. Fellows present articles from the perspective of study design and results.

Morbidity/Mortality Conference

Approximately 5-10 deaths occur in the NICU annually; morbidities include respiratory, neurological, retinal and GI. All deaths and morbidities are presented in the Division Meeting by the fellow on Service when the death occurred in the following month. Selected deaths are also presented by Fellow/Attending in the Mortality Conference as part of the MFM-OB Neonatology Conference. Discussion follows if there are any outstanding issues. The morbidity/mortality database houses all reports since 2006.

Clinical Practice Guideline Conference

Our division hosts a regional monthly meeting at MetroHealth of neonatology care providers in the region to discuss and develop treatment guidelines. All Neonatology Fellows are individually required to participate and develop (in collaboration with an Attending Neonatologist) at least one care guideline. This is a mandatory requirement for fellows to graduate from the program. All guidelines developed in this forum have been inducted into our NICU and are in use for patient care.

Bi-Annual Conference

Research Journal Clubs

 All fellows present their research updates to the Division twice a year during the Division meetings. This is a mandatory update.

Quality Improvement Project

All fellows are required to develop, participate and complete a quality improvement project before they graduate. The project report becomes part of their portfolio.


Our first-year fellows participate in a one and half day long intense Regional Boot Camp intended for first year fellows from all programs in District V of AAP each year in July. This is mandatory for first year fellows. This Boot Camp is supported by a grant from AAP-District V.

Additionally, the entire Neonatology division participates in Annual Neonatology Simulation (2-half days during July/August of each year). This is mandatory for all fellows, faculty and NNPs.