Aims and Program Mission

Mission Statement

“To inspire, nurture, empower and train the next generation physician leaders in the art and science of neonatal-perinatal medicine in an inclusive and culturally supportive learning environment such that the learners serve with distinction and compassion in providing value-based continuum of care to the mother-infant dyad for optimal long-term health outcomes”.

The Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellowship Training Program at MetroHealth-CWRU has been fulfilling this mission successfully since 1985 by implementing a robust learner-centric comprehensive curriculum by highly accomplished faculty members.

The mission of the Division of neonatology and Department of Pediatrics parallels that of the MetroHealth System in clinical as well as educational domain to provide compassionate, high quality, patient-centered care to the members of our community without exception.

Our values also align with those of the System: Service to others, Teamwork, Accountability, Respect, Inclusion & Diversity, and Quest for Excellence.

Aims - Goals and Objectives for Fellows

  • To develop and maintain excellence in knowledge base relevant to neonatal-perinatal medicine through a program of self-study;
  • To develop and maintain excellence in the clinical practice of neonatal-perinatal medicine;
  • Conceive, initiate, and complete minimum of one hypothesis-driven research project, present the data at a national meeting and publish manuscript in a peer-reviewed journal;
  • Participate in writing a case report/review article/book chapter;
  • Participate and complete a structured quality improvement project;
  • Develop and implement an evidence-based guideline in our multidisciplinary Clinical Practice Guideline Development forum;
  • Maintain a sense of curiosity and quest for lifelong learning