Cultivate a mastery of clinical fundamentals including acutecare, ambulatory care, procedure performance, and principles of a subspecialty medicine to provide the manual skill, fundamental knowledge, and critical thinking skills needed to make sound clinical judgments on a daily basis


  • Expand upon the fundamental medicine knowledge base acquired in formal education
  • Provide knowledge and develop skills associated with subspecialty care in structured environment
  • Provide an environment that fosters intellectual and professional growth and development through mentorship, individualized goals & objectives and regularly scheduled evaluations
  • Develop a solid foundation through exposure to common diagnoses and patient populations in said specialty of fellowship training
  • Provide experience and familiarity with being an integral part of a hospital wide infrastructure, specifically through exposure to lectures on safety reporting, pharmacy and consultant resources

Learning Modalities

  • Live lectures
  • Web based training
  • Self‐directed learning
  • Simulation Lab training
  • Proctored clinical training
  • Interactive learning sessions

Each APP Fellowship provides a standardized experience at MH with outlined details around:

  1. Why an APP fellowship/About
  2. Application process
  3. Curriculum
  4. Faculty
  5. Leadership

All APP Fellows undergo program-feedback and self-feedback opportunities in a common format using the following modalities:

  • Self‐Assessments
  • Quarterly Global Evaluations
  • 360 Evals quarterly
  • Proctored clinical sessions

Program Feedback

  • Clinical Rotation Evaluations
  • Preceptor Evaluations
  • Web‐based training evals
  • 6 & 12 month comprehensive program evaluations