Program Features

What Sets Us Apart

Integrated pediatric behavioral training: Our primary care and subspecialty clinics have an integrated model of care with onsite pediatric psychologist and pediatric psychology residents embedded within each clinic and a fast track psychiatry assistance. This has enhanced patient care and the experience and learning of residents in common and complex behavioral problems which affect about 40% encounters.

Pediatric Hispanic Clinic: MetroHealth  treats a significant number of Hispanic pediatric patients, from different cultures and medical needs. The residents have a unique experience as part of their learning process and this will enhance their knowledge and skills in outreach and child advocacy.  

Comprehensive Care Division: This is a unique division which cares for children with special health care needs. These include complex patients, genetic syndromes, etc. The multidisciplinary clinic meets their needs at home including home ventilator management, Home TPN, etc. Training in our program imparts confidence in handling these problems when practicing in the community.

Acute illness management, managing codes: The program prides in having a robust acute illness clinic that manages from cold to codes preparing them for independent practice even in remote areas. Serial Mock Code and Procedural Simulation prepares them for clinically deteriorating patients in different clinical scenarios, and procedural simulation to practice a variety of procedures including suturing, lumbar punctures, intubation, intra-osseous line placement, etc.

Promote critical thinking and systems-based practice: The faculty-mentored Research Curriculum, mandatory for all residents, is a scholarly project walking them through the process of design to analysis to presentation. It is complemented with the addition of a research methodology course started this year delivered in a four-part series introduction to research design, methodology and practice. The monthly journal clubs and Evidence Based Medicine series presented by residents with faculty mentoring repetitively makes them practice critical thinking and critique publications.