Pathology Residency Curriculum

Anatomic Pathology

In the combined AP/CP program of 4 years, Anatomic Pathology training covers 25 months. Anatomic rotations occur mainly in years 1 and 3 of the program. This period will include:

  • 88 weeks (22 months) covering all aspects of surgical pathology and autopsy, including some weeks with grossing duties
  • 8 weeks (2 months) combined dermatopathology and medical kidney/immunopathology
  • 10 weeks (2.5 months)  of Cytopathology 
  • 2 weeks of Forensic Pathology at the Medical Examiner’s Office

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Clinical Pathology

Clinical Pathology rotations occur mainly in years 2 and 4 of the 4-year residency with its own learning objectives. Each monthly rotation in CP serves as an independent module. Modules build upon the previous experience in each of the clinical laboratories. Clinical Pathology training includes 20 months in the practical and academic aspect of:

  • Clinical Chemistry: 3 months  and 2 weeks of lab management and informatics
  • Hematology:  4 months including 2 weeks rotation in flow cytometry
  • Microbiology: 3 months
  • Molecular Microbiology : 1 month
  • Transfusion Medicine: 4 months
  • HLA and Tissue Typing and Coagulation at the Cleveland Clinic: 1 month
  • Cytogenetic, molecular and translational medicine at University Hospitals Medical Center:  1 month

Learn more about the Clinical Pathology rotations

Elective Time:  Three months
Vacation Time:  Three weeks per academic year

Educational Opportunities


  • Autopsy conference
  • Dermatopathology 
  • Multidisciplinary Endocrine Case 
  • Gross Pathology 
  • Journal Club/Research 
  • Pulmonary Pathology 

Anatomical Pathology Grand Rounds

  • Clincal Pathology Grand Rounds

Tumor Boards

  • Breast
  • GI 
  • Gynecologic
  • Head and Neck
  • Thoracic 


  • Pathology Lectures AP/CP
  • Problem Solving Session