Didactics and Conferences

OB-PEDS Conference

This is a weekly conference from September through June at MetroHealth focusing on cases of interest to Neonatology and MFM. This conference is jointly organized by the two Services. Cases are assigned at joint meetings every two to three months.

Cases are presented by the fellows of both Services and the Genetics Service and discussed by the fellows and faculty. Per agreement with Pediatric Cardiology and Genetics, 25 percent of the cases are fetal/neonatal cardiology problems and 25 percent are genetics. Faculty members in these areas have committed time to support these presentations. Pathology is also frequently involved.

Perinatal Conference

Held annually at MetroHealth, our Maternal-Fetal Medicine Department holds a one day Perinatal Conference open to external medical professionals which includes both lectures and simulations.

Didactics/Journal Club

Maternal-Fetal Medicine didactics or journal club are held on Friday mornings for 1 hour every week. Lectures are heavily influenced by current fellow’s suggestions.

Department Grand Rounds

Held weekly on Tuesday mornings at MetroHealth and Wednesday mornings at University Hospitals, it alternates between Grand Rounds, Chief Talk, Lectures, and M&M Conference.

Fetal Boards

Held at University Hospitals on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. Cases are presented by fellows to discuss patients with known fetal anomalies to gain a deeper understanding of associated embryology while creating an in-depth care plan for mother and fetus.

Genetic Case Conference

Led by the department of Human Genetics at University Hospitals it is presented every Tuesday.

Ultrasound Conference

Basic ultrasound principals are reviewed to increase knowledge base, held at MetroHealth every Monday at noon.

Fetal Echo Conference

Led by pediatric cardiology at University Hospitals on the 3rd Thursday of every month. 

Physiology Conference

At MetroHealth these lectures are organized by organ system and rotate over a 3-year curriculum. Lectures focus on issues in Fetal, Maternal and Neonatal physiology and topics of interest to both MFM and NICU fellows are presented.