Didactics and Conferences

Didactics include both faculty-led events and fellow-led events

Perinatal Conference

Held annually at MetroHealth, our Maternal-Fetal Medicine Department holds a one day Perinatal Conference open to external medical professionals which includes both lectures and simulations. Fellows typically devise and run at least one of the simulation events under the supervision of a faculty member.

Cleveland Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (CLEsog)

Meetings held 4 times per year. Fellows typically present at Research Day and are eligible for a variety of awards.

Department Grand Rounds

Held weekly on Tuesday mornings at MetroHealth, it alternates between Grand Rounds, Chief Talks, Lectures, and M&M Conference

MFM-NICU Conference

This multidisciplinary conference is jointly organized by the MFM and NICU faculty and fellows and held twice per month. Cases are presented by the fellows of both services as well as invited subspecialist faculty and discussed by the fellows and faculty. Faculty members in these areas have committed time to support these presentations.

Perinatal Physiology Conference

These lectures are organized by organ system and rotate over a 3-year curriculum. Lectures focus on issues in Fetal, Maternal and Neonatal physiology and topics of interest to both MFM and NICU fellows are presented. This is a faculty-led conference. 

Faculty lectures

Lectures given by the Faculty are held each week. Lectures rotate on a 3-year schedule and are designed to cover the ABOG learning goals for the MFM Fellowship.

Journal Club

This is a Fellow-led monthly conversation. Fellows choose articles which they are interested in presenting and invite a faculty member with a special interest in the topic to support the conversation.

Research Meeting

This monthly conversation is structured to provide research support for ongoing fellow projects.

Book Chapter Club

This is a fellow-led monthly conversation. Fellows choose a chapter which they interested in presenting and a faculty member with special interest in the topic to support the conversation. 

Film Festival

This is a monthly event. Faculty choose lectures given by a variety of national and international speakers and which are of interest to MFM Fellows.

Ultrasound Conference

This conference is designed primarily to discuss ongoing cases and to discuss tips and tricks for making an accurate diagnosis. Held monthly.