ESIR/Interventional Radiology Fellowship

As the field of radiology evolves, Case Western | MetroHealth aims to stay on the forfront of resident education. Interventional radiology as a subspecialty is currently undergoing a shift in its educational structure. There are now three ways by which an individual can pursue a career in interventional radiology. 

Path 1: Integrated Interventional Radiology Residency (6 years)

Medical students who are certain that they wish to pursue a career in interventional radiology can apply directly to an integrated interventional radiology residency program. Through a partnership with the Cleveland Clinic, we train two residents per year in diagnostic and interventional radiology residency.

Residents in this integrated pathway spend approximately 50% of their time at MetroHealth and 50% of their time at the Cleveland Clinic throughout their six years of training. At the conclusion of training, residents who complete this path will be endowed with all the clinical skills necessary to have a successful and proficient career in the field of Interventional Radiology. 

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Path 2: Early Specialization in Interventional Radiology (ESIR) (6 years)

Radiology residents who match into our Diagnostic Radiology residency program but still wish to purse a subspecialty career in Interventional Radiology are eligible to apply for our ESIR pathway during their PGY-3 year.

Residents in this pathway experience the same intensive diagnostic Radiology training during their first three residency year (PGY2-4), with their final year of Diagnostic Radiology residency focused almost exclusively on acquiring IR skills, not only in the Interventional suite, but through image-guided biopsies, electives in Vascular Surgery or Cardiology, and in the ICU.

Residents completing the ESIR pathway are eligible to match into an advanced IR residency program (PGY-6) for a final year of IR training, either with at our institution or a program of the resident’s choice. 

Path 3: Traditional training path (7 years)

Individuals who wish to pursue a traditional residency in radiology before dedicated interventional radiology training can do so by completing this path. First a one year of internship (PGY-1 year) in either surgery, medicine, or another approved field is completed.

Next, four years of diagnostic radiology residency are finished (PGY-2–PGY-5 years). This is followed by two years of dedicated interventional radiology training (PGY-6 and PGY-7 years).

Our residency is approved for two ESIR pathway spots per class year. Dedicated IR rotations during the resident’s ESIR (PGY-5) year take place at MetroHealth, with elective opportunities at The Cleveland Clinic. This duality provides trainees a perfect blend of clinical practice environments and high case variety, ensuring our ESIR graduates are extremely well-prepared for advanced IR training.